Well, I believe the time has come to bid dear Venus adieu and assume a new, but original, model identity of my own.

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© Vitaly Korneev

Alma, New Brunswick

Bill Earle, studio nude


© Dave Rudin, Venus

Models: Venus de Milo & Erica Jay

Greg Bennett, Brooksville Maine

Jim David / Venus de Milo

real scans later :)

Erica, by Venus

my iPhone
PEI ~ ej.

Erica, spectra, from today
Polaroid by me

Prince Edward Island

this was a fun process to watch develop! i love polaroid.


Holding Back

well, sometimes in your life amazing things happen and you just have to cherish the moment.  a good friend and fellow photographer, Olaf stopped by a couple weeks ago after i bugged him about some 4×5 film holders he was going to give me.  in addition to the film holders, he dropped off a shit-ton of film.  and included in the lot were two boxes of Polaroid Type 55.

really? T-55?  it’s kinda legendary film.  and he just gave it to me.  he just wants a print sometime in exchange.

i’ve already used about 8 frames of it and i’m feeling a weight that i’ve never felt in photography before.  what good can come from this, what truly stunning images can i create?  herein lies the challenge.  and the first that i feel has some heft.  enjoy.

Model: Mikaela
Scan of the Type 55 Negative
Natural light from my open garage door.

Look, we made the blog

Dave Levingston, NY

Erica at dawn
by Venus de Milo

en route to see Dave “the Beard” Levingston and friends at our lake cabin in Brooksville, Maine! 99 miles to go…

© Dave Levingston, 2012

Antonio Cordoba

Toronto, Ontario, 2012

Central Park, Dec. 2011