Well, I believe the time has come to bid dear Venus adieu and assume a new, but original, model identity of my own.

Therefore, please follow me on my new tumblr blog! I will be deleting this one shortly.

Appreciate any and all reblogs :) Thank you!

Waldemar Zagorski

London, Ontario

July 2012


Self Portrait with Venus De Milo.

Favorite image of myself taken to date  :)

EJ, You were never there.

Polaroid SX-70 / expired film


Taken by Venus. Love this.

K, What no one else could see.


The Void

The lovely Venus de Milo

© BL

Well this I just adore : )

Bill Earle, studio nude


Joe, from our first shoot

© Dave Rudin, Venus

© Jaroslaw Pietka


Katlyn Live Painting of Venus from Katlyn Hubner on Vimeo.

little out of focus bts of painting in my studio. this is the 2nd live painting i have done and its been really fantastic. to see the final product go to

A little snippet from our second live painting session : )

I wish I would have videoed Katlyn climbing through the trunk because we tied the doors closed..

Beers, burgers, and painting in the woman cave! with Lady Katlyn :D


Venus with frozen water droplets from the impromptu pool photo session yesterday

Ian, this rocks!!!


This was done at the front door of a brownstone in Brooklyn.  We both loved that old chair and Bike

i want to ride my bicycle i want to ride my bike!

(via vividimpressions)


venus, ending last summer

C’est moi : )